Just passed level 3

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Hello everyone.im so happy today Finally i passed level 3 I think its time to look for an accountancy job ( i have no expierience in the field) The only problem is i dont know what position i could apply for after finishing level 3 What position i could start from? Id be greatful for your answer


  • janwal
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    Hi Danny

    Congratulations on passing level 3 :thumbup1. Are you doing level 4.

    I would personally suggest as you have no experience, jobs advertised as Finance Assistants or Accounts Clerk.

    Good Luck

  • aaron0121
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    Congratulations Danny :)

    I agree with Jan - as you have no experience try and apply for some accounts assistant roles or trainee
    accounting roles, competition is fierce so tbh you maybe have to look out for voluntary work

    All the best with your search

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  • MWAUGH1983
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    WELL DONE DAN! I past level 3 monday last wk and it was a great feeling to shelve it! I will be looking to commence level 4 next month.

    I work in purchase ledger not the best job but people have used it to get into financial management etc. Though I also did 6 mths in oxfam on a voluntary basis so that can help!

  • danny1717
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    thanks a lot for your advices I hope i will find a new job quickly Im gonna start level 4 in september Ive heard its a tough one
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