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Hi everyone,

I've been struggling to find paid employment and have decided to try my hand at volunteering.

Having contacted my local volunteer center and looked on website my search has drawn a

I was wondering if anyone knew of the best way to approach this and knew of any organisations or
websites that maybe of any use?




  • Rinske
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    Think about what charities you would like to support and contact them directly. They may not advertise they want more volunteers, but if you offer your help, they might actually be really happy to find new help.

    And by contacting them directly, you show you did your home work and want to work for them directly and not just randomly do it for the experience...
  • uknitty
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    What region of the UK are you in ? Do you have a local community voluntary council ? That was how I found my first break in accounts. They may have their own accounts and finance office, and probably help out local charities.

    Also how about a local credit union?
  • mark057
    mark057 Registered Posts: 354 Dedicated contributor 🦉
    I contacted my local Credit Union and filled in an application form but I was rather disappointed when
    they said they couldn't find a use for me.

    Not sure about the Voluntary Council option. I'll certainly look into that. I'm looking for volunteering in
    the Chester area.

    I'd prefer to work in paid employment but my particular area is bereft of jobs, particularly as I'm looking
    only for part-time work.

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