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Shimmy khan
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I was wondering whether anyone could give me some advice. I keep failing my Financial Performances and FNST (with FNST its my standards). i have just got a new job and i really need to pass it in order to make a good impression and to progress.

However me revising at home is not helping me..... so my point is i need to know whether there is a crash course anyone does (i.e kaplan, bbp etc) for resits or even tuition if needs being ( i really am that desparate). i live in Coventry and i don't mind traveliing to Bham if needs being.

Would really appreictae the help or advice:crying:

Thank you


  • NeilH
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    How do you study normally? BPP offer a tuition course and an online equivalent, the online version is a set of recorded sessions with the tutor going through the notes, you can access it whenever you want and you also receive a full set of course materials. If you attend a taught course you will also have access to the online courses.

  • Emily
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    I kept failing the FNST and was in the same position as you - I decided to use BPP's online learning course (just for that unit) and it was really good.
    The lectures really explain things well, and it helps that you can go back/pause whenever you want. The extra course material that comes with it is also helpful, and you get more questions (the answers are gone through in the lectures as well). The lectures are also visual - as the lecturer is speaking, she writes things down on screen, goes over questions, draws diagrams and pictures to help you remember it...

    Overall - I would definitely recommend spending a bit on the online courses to make sure you pass - it's probably one of the best methods of learning that i've had and definitely worth it in the end!
    You could see if your new employer could help with the payment for the courses too.
  • Shimmy khan
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    Hi Neil

    Thank you for your reply. Sorry for the delay, although i have been registered on the forum for nearly two years i still struggle to use it lol. i normally study at a college and we use Kalpan. My lecturer however takes some sample from the AAT books itself. I havn't been to college for over a year. as i have just been revising at home.

    unfortunatly they said they wouldn't let me atttend college for the two units (i.e come to the lectures relating to FNST and FP) due to financings if i'm not mistaken.which i understand to an extent.

    Thank you for your advise i will go now on to BBP and have a look.
  • Shimmy khan
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    Hi Emily,

    Thank you so much for the advise. apologies for getting back late, i have just managed to figure out how to get about on this site.

    I will definatly take your advise up and another member has also recommended this. This sounds positive so moving forward atleast i know i have a differant approach to learning which hopefully help me, thanks again:001_smile:
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