ICAS Confidentiality

Laura Gaynor
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Hi All

I have agreed with my FD today what process at work I am going to do my ICAS project on, which is great seeing as I've already done hours and hours of work on it, I near enough have my first draft.
His only question was that he wanted it in writing from AAT and my tutor that all information would be confidential.

Is this something the AAT would do does anyone know please?


  • coojee
    coojee Registered Posts: 794 Epic contributor 🐘
    The report should be confidential itself so that there are no identifying names etc within it. That way your boss doesn't need to worry about who reads it, no one should be able to know who the report refers to. You therefore need to make sure when you write it that you don't give any names and that any business documents you use in the appendices have had any sensitive information blacked out.
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