AAT Level 3 subjects - what's involved? (Please help - urgent)

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Good Morning All,

I have just finished studying AAT Level 2 and passed, and my place of work are funding the courses for me.

I am just about to enrol on Level 3 and the price has almost doubled from last year (I am assuming as it's more to do with it being a Diploma as opposed to a Certificate?)

Anyway, my boss has asked me to find out what's involved in Level 3 i.e. what will I learn - he is trying to convince our Managing Director that it would be beneficial for me to do this as it will benefit our accounts department but needs specific examples of what I will be learning to agree to fund me this year.

As I understand it there are 5 areas of study for Level 3, being;

Accounts Preperation 1
Accounts Preperation 2
Costs and Revenues
Cash Management
Indirect Tax

& PEAF (I have already completed this whilst on Level 2)

Could anyone kindly inform me as to what these subjects involve and how it will enable me to be more competant in the accounting profession?

Really hope someone can help... our MD is going on holiday tomorrow and needs an answer asap otherwise I won't be able to enrol :-(

Be grateful for any advice received.

AATchick x


  • SashaDella
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    I don't know specifics but you should convince them by explaining thats its an invaluable qualification to posses and that level 3 is a large set up from level 2. You learn a varied range of skills to use in accounting and it will give you a hugely better understanding of accounting and how to deal with accounts.

    Level 3 and 4 are the real qualification, level 2 was just the basics. You'll be more confident in the work you are doing, and the study will support your job.

    I'm guessing the titles explain what the exams are, how to start accounts, costs and revenues which is a huge leap from basic costing all about management accounting, cash management (managing cash, cash flow, budgets, sales etc) and indirect tax.
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    There is a link to a document on your my AAT page which gives you a list of the skills you will gain which might help.

    I think this should take you to it! If not have a look it's in the right hand column.

  • AATchick
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    Ah, thanks very much to the both of you :-) I've explained to my boss that it's the step up from level 2 and printed off the link to the AAT homepage (don't know why I didn't do this before, d'oh!) so thanks very much for your help, both of you :-)

    Here's hoping our MD is not feeling so scrooge-like when he finally makes his decision!

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    I find it hard to understand why any company would agree to you doing a 3 year course and then ask you to justify why you should continue after 1 year. I know you receive a certificate each year but surely the realised you need all 3 years to complete.

    Hope you get the answer you want

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