AAT Practise Exams vs. Actual Exams

SonjaD Registered Posts: 7 New contributor 🐸

Can anyone tell me if the actual exams are similar to the AAT Practise Exams?

Doing Budgeting tomorrow. I don't have any real problems with the practise exams but I worried that the actual ones are totally different and then I probably will fail :huh:



  • stephleedz
    stephleedz Registered Posts: 179 Beyond epic contributor 🧙‍♂️
    If the Budgeting exam is anything like the exam I sat in October 2011 (I think) then yes the layout is very similar to the AAT mock exams.

    Try your best not to stress out to much (I know this is easier said than done) but you should have no real surprises.

    Good Luck.
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