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Shimmy khan
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I just recieved my FP results and i have failed it agian. i have sat my FNST and FP continusly (twice FP and Thrice FNST in the last twelve months) i keep on failing and i am getting very frustrated because I don't know where i am going wrong (well FNST it's my IASs) but also i have a new employer and i don't want to let him down. He is willing to pay for my ACCA and progress in work but i don't appear to be going no where. I am afraid, if i dont start passing he will get rid of me.

I used the Kaplan books which are not proving useful to me. i practically know the practice assesments inside out ( i have done them that many times). so they are not challenging me. I wouldn't say it is nerves that let me down it's more like in each question there is a twist to it or a tricky situation which has been added to it which we only find in the real CBA and not in any practice papers. I apologise for the frustration but that is how i fee.i am considering private tutoring. still looking.

I have tried to search the crash course revision classes but unfortnatly cannot find anything. I am based in the west midlands and i am willing to travel within the midlands if needs being.

Would appreciate any help, advise...as I feel :crying: and :sad:

Thanks for reading


  • aaron0121
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    Hi Shimmy,

    Have you tried using the osborne books for FNST and FNP, I've used the books throughout level 4 and find them
    very helpful for learning the topics . Also have you tried the practise assessments on the osborne website
    If self studying isn't working for you, there may be an option of you enrolling at my college in
    Birmingham. I can have a word with my tutors and get you enrolled in my class for september :thumbup1:

    If this interests you please pm me and we can discuss further :)

    Level 2 - 2010
    Level 3 - 2011
    Level 4 - 2013


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    F5 - 2015
  • Chelle
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    Hi Shimmy

    I too have failed resits and have now decided to retake Level 4 at college again for the subjects that I cannot get through, i.e PTX, FNPF, FNST and Budgeting.

    Maybe it is the better option for you too? Whereabouts in the West Midlands are you?
  • totleyblade
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    Hi Shimmy, I've just read your post and my heart goes out to you. It's soul destroying to fail an exam, particularly so when you can't see where you're going wrong. I personally would consider enrolling at a college or other provider if you can. You will be able to communicate with fellow students and tutors and receive guidance and feedback to help find out where you're going wrong. It worked for me. I see that you have been searching for revision courses and I wondered if you saw or attended the AAT Birmingham Branch Level 4 Revison Event on June 26th? This was for FP and FNST subjects and was performed in conjunction with BPP at their offices in the centre of Birmingham.
  • vickie88
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    i have had the same problem with FP I have just re sat it for the 3rd time and it is very frustrating and upsetting. Kaplan do revision classes have you been to them? they also do revision packs with 100s of practice exam questions, they are really good.

    Also have you had the feed back from AAT to see where it is you are going wrong? For me it was the written questions so i went on the AAT website and looked at all the PV papers which is the same as PF but on the old syllabus this helped me a lot with the written questions. Also read the chief examiners reports.
  • Shimmy khan
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    Hi Everyone,

    Thank you for the rresponses, i will answer the points each member made in sequance order:

    Aaron, Thank youf for the link for the Osbourne books, i have actually purchased the two unit books, which i have been recommended to lookinto. so they should be with me any day. I am thinking of enroling initially on the BBP online course, which will be conveniant and a lot of people have recommended this too. However if i do decide that i need some to enrol into a college i will hopefully get in touch with you. I appreciate yourconcern.

    Chelle i am from Coventry, as mentioned above, if this online course does not suceed then i shall enrol into a college or a provider.

    totleblade, i am actually considering gettin in touch with AAT and getting my previous exam marked or explained on where i went wrong. i do know they charge for this service but it will give me some sort of guiadance.
    Unfortunatly i did not go to the revision course. i did not hear about this. where exactly did you hear about this. hopefully if there are future courses i can go to them and pick some new things up.

    Hi Vickie where exactly did you get the kaplan practice exam papers question from? was it from the website?, i will look into getting that as i do think i need to practice as many times as i can.

    Again thankyou all for your comments Hope this has proven useful for others too
  • vickie88
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    I studied in the classroom at Kaplan so they gave me the revision kit when they give me all my texts books and study notes.

    Do you study online with Kaplan or are you just using the text books? If you are studying with them they also have the engage website which has practise exams and questions etc.

    The old PV papers form the old syllabus i got off the AAT website.

    The AAT now give you feedback on your exam for free it doesn't go in to a lot of details just says what you exceeded in, met, borderline and did not exceed in and just lists each unit under the titles it doesn't give you any percentages or any more details as the exams are still live so they cant give you any more information all you can do is appeal but you have to pay to do that - this is what the AAT said to me when i rang them.
  • totleyblade
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    Hi Shimmy, the best way to obtain information regarding the revision events (and other AAT events) is to log into the website and follow the link to the Events. This link should take you to the Birmingham Branc section of the AAT web site and provide you with local contact details etc. https://services.aat.org.uk/branchcontent/item3070/ (You will have to log in). You can also register to receive Engage. This is a monthly email guide to AAT, listing upcoming CPD events in and around your area and highlighting relevant supporting online services. If you email [email protected] and they will add you to their distribution list. Unfortunately I've found this to be unreliable and would recommend that you visit the main AAT web site to check forthcoming events anyway. I'm not from that area but I've met some of the committee members and the branch chairman, Malcolm Green, down there. They are all very friendly and would welcome you and any other students getting involved with the branch and attending meetings, you could gain a lot from it. I'm acting as student liaison for the Sheffield branch at the moment and your situation is probably typical of a lot of students who are not aware of the branch network and all of resources that are available to help you. Anyway, good luck for the future, keep persevering, it'll be well worth it in the end!
  • Evie
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    Hi Shimmy,

    Don't give up hope. I am sure you will pass eventually. :001_smile: I am studying with Premier Training and I have my tutor 'Jeff' direct line. He is always happy to help me and is always very patient. Maybe enroling with a centre might be the way forward for you as they will focus on areas you are struggling on. Good luck with the rest of your studies and what ever you decide to do.
  • Shimmy khan
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    Hi totleyblade, thank you for going into detail with the events, i will hopefully go onto th AAT website and keep an eye out.
  • Shimmy khan
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    Hi Evie, thank you for your advise, i will definatly look into this in the near future if i am still in need. i am trying to work through the osbourne books at the moment and see how i get on with this. Thanks again.
  • SandyHood
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    Dear Shimmy

    There is a lot to be gained from working with other students. I cannot know why you have not passed these exams yet, but I hazard a guess that you are repeating the same mistakes each time. It is possible that there are some things you are doing which you think are correct but are wrong. A group of say 4 students who meet up regularly can spot one another's errors in a way you cannot when you work alone.

    One of the best ways of forming a group is by attending a college course. I've found over the years many little groups and recommend them to most people. They are not always efficient uses of time as you need to keep focused and two students I know had a tendency to work on their wi golf skills earlier and earlier in their study sessions! Don't let the distractions put you off though. The advantage of justifying your approaches or even taking on an approach someone else shows you most definitely makes up for the time off-subject. I also agree with the comment I have heard that the best way to check you understand a subject is when you know it so well that you can explain it to someone else.

    So look at trying to get together with up to 3 more people who are also preparing for FNPF and FNST, and join a college course if you can't find another way to meet such people.

    Best wishes

    [email protected]
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