Where an Accounting Qualification can take you

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For those of you wondering where an accounting qualification can take you (besides earning a living) I thought I'd share with you developments in my non income earning career this year:

Just received an invite from the Commissioner for Sustainable Futures in Wales to join a Reference Group, set up at the request of the Welsh Government, to inform it on the development of the Welsh Government's Sustainable Development Bill (a real chance to influence the legislation on sustainability reporting):

From the first meeting of that Group in Cardiff, a quick dash to ACCA HQ in London to watch and hopefully participate in a round table discussion on the future of Integrated Reporting with the CEO of IIRC and the Chair of CCAB (another chance to influence accounting standards).

Hopefully the above will help me use my membership of the CIPFA Local Authority Accounting Panel more effectively:

Also, just been appointed Vice President of the ACCA Swansea and West Wales Regional Panel. So at the moment life is good (but a bit busy). A good accounting qualification can open up so many doors to make life rewarding.
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