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I have just recently found out I passed my last exam (FNST) sat on Tuesday 17th July. I am extremley thrilled and quite gobmsacked truth be told. Can't believe it.

I can now have MAAT after my name and I have a diploma in accounting WOW!

Starting ACCA in 2 weeks F7 is the first one which is Financial Reporting and follows on from Financial Statments.

Thank you very much to everyone on the AAT forum who has given advice, shared stories the lot I really appreciate it!

Good luck to everyone who is waiting exam results...dreams really can come true!

Steph x


  • mandatory
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    Congratulations! :) Enjoy having MAAT after your name! I finished AAT and then worked on getting experience and I can't wait until I can get the same before the end of the year. And enjoy ACCA! You'll still have plenty of support here I'm sure.
  • Chelle
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    Congratulations Steph :001_smile:
  • SamiH
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    Well done :)
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