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Have disengaged from a client, in writing. Didn't hear anything, but that's not unusual with this person and he's not easy to contact be phone, so a month later I sent a copy of the letter and a reminder to stop the standing order payments. Email sent in addition the next month (disengagement letter attached), again reminding him to stop the standing orders. All overpaid money was refunded immediately.

So he contacts me today, by email, saying he is away at the moment and asking when I need the paperwork for his VAT return. Replied with copy of disengagement letter. He then phoned, claiming not to have received either letter. He said had got the email, but thought it was from the other accountant (?). Then said he would collect his records and hung up abruptly. He turned up an hour later (so clearly not 'away' after all).

Very thankful he's gone, and hoping I'll never hear from him again. Have a feeling I'm not the only accountant who's disengaged.

Maybe I should have used recorded delivery, but I doubt that two letters would go missing. Surely it should be enough to send 2 letters and an email? What does everyone else do to get rid of a client?


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    What you've done seems reasonable, and I don't think I'd have done anything majorly different.

    The only time I've disengaged, the client replied in a timely manner. If they don't - there's not much more you can do!

    Sounds like you're well rid :)
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