Where to start..? Any advice gratefully received, please

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I am hoping that someone will give me some guidance please. I have gained my AAT level 4 a few weeks ago. However I am struggling to gain experience. I am doing some book keeping for a friend of mine. He has an accountant to do P&L accounts. With my book keeping I have done a P&L and it is not the same as the accountants P&L. I use a simple spreadsheet. I would like to be able to do this and be confident that my work is accurate. But not sure where to start. I have asked help from my tutors and I understood their advice however wasn’t sure how to put in to practice. I know this is a big ask. Personally this is a very difficult post to add to the forum as I feel some people may feel I am not worth the qualification I gained. :confused1::confused1::confused1::confused1::001_unsure:

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    We all have to start somewhere. I would suggest that you start by gaining experience with some basic book-keeping work for very small businesses or sole traders and work on that. You could also try offering some services to charities for free, just to gain some experience. You will find that with experience, your confidence will grow. This forum is always here for questions, complicated or simple we don't mind. Good luck.
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