Kick start needed.....

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Hi everyone...

I've just had a 3 week holiday abroad after nearly killing myself trying to pass AP1&2.... The break was well needed and really appreciated!

Myself and my sunburn now need to get back into studying CRS...

HOWEVER I'm now finding it hard to motivate myself as my momentum has gone. I sat down last night with my books and couldn't get started at all.... I mean I looked at all the squiggles on the page and I knew they were meant to be words but I just couldn't get them to make any sense! (and no it wasn't the holiday alcohol's fault! ;) )

Any ideas or suggestions as to how to get going again?!?!

Thanks :)


  • Whirlwind
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    I find printing off my assessment page really helpful, as I could see which unit I have passed and whats left to do. It reminds me of what I have already accomplished.

    Sometimes when Ive had break from studying I find reading out loud from the text book and paraphrasing the sections I understand or labouring the points that dont stick. Since I am self-studying its worked for me, driven my hubby at the wall but heyho!!

    I really enjoyed CRS, ended up exceeding all tasks. I did write out all the formulas and carry them everywhere with me - and mumbled them to myself whilst walking or travelling!!

    You can do it!! Thats why you had a nice holiday, to come back fighting fit?!?!
  • MarkT
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    As the AAT posted on FB the other day - The price of discipline is always less painful than the pain of regret :wink:

    In other words, motivate yourself by thinking of what it is that made you start the course in the first place, and what passing it means to you and your future - that should be enough of a motivation :001_smile:
  • GemmaS
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    Thanks you 2! You're both right.... I think I'm just still in the holiday frame of mind! I'm now considering booking CRS for end Sept mid Oct to give me a deadline to work towards as that always motivates me! Once I get back into the routine I'll be fine. I've always enjoyed studying so with a deadline to kick start me and the enjoyment when I get going will get me back into the swing!

    I like that quote MarkT, it really rings true :)
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