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Hi there,

Two questions:

1 - I have been asked to look for a company that would cover the director's car for maintenance/service. The reason I have been asked to do this is to try to even the expenses through the year. However I cannot find this and never heard of any company who would provide this service, only when you lease a car and then the leasing company provides you with service package.
Have anyone heard of maintenace package for owed cars?

I have heard of repair insurance packages but I don treally like this idea and any way is nothing like what I want.

2 - Also, the car of the director is privately owed car and is mainly use for private mileague and occasionaly for business purposes, is the car maintenance an allowable benefit?

Thanks in advance


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    Depending on the co2 emissions sounds like a benefit in kind charge would be applied, therefore it may be better to just claim for the business mileage
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    Why wouldn't you want to use an insurance maintenance cover? surely this is what you need?

    Its like car warranty
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    Thanks Sasha,

    Maybe I dont understand about warranties but dont they only cover for breakdowns?

    What I need in particular is not a compnay that covers after an accident or something goes wrong with the car. What I am looking for is a company that will cover for the service cost and normal cost of replaced components i.e. plugs, air filter, oil; basically general wear and tear plus tyres.

    Does a waranty covers the above?
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    I can assume that you can get different types of cover? like extended car warranty, including maintenance and servicing. I have had a little look, and they are not many that state wear and tear etc included. Perhaps your insurance company have a package that can be added?

    I did find this one site... that sounded like what your after

    Although im not sure how cost effective this is anyways... If you get an account at a garage you could arrange to pay a fixed price each month and then when something is needed you have credit?
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    Thanks Sasha, there is not such a think as I have been asked to look for and an extended warranty is not what we need. We have decided to leave things as they are althought you are correct that some garages do offer a payment plan to pay, not the repairs, but the cost of the service.
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