Which provider to study AAT Level 4? I live in London

alvarez140alvarez140 Settling In NicelyPosts: 16Registered
I live in London and I'm looking for a place where to do my level 4 course. Im looking for classroom classes. I know Bpp and Kaplan are good but they are too expensive.
Thank you for your help.


  • SashaDellaSashaDella Trusted Regular Posts: 362Registered
    Have you looked at your local colleges?
  • alvarez140alvarez140 Settling In Nicely Posts: 16Registered
    Yes I have looked and none of them do Level 4. I found one which is a little one called 'London Metro College' so may enrol with them.
    Have you done Level 4? I am scare about the project!!!!!!!
  • SashaDellaSashaDella Trusted Regular Posts: 362Registered
    No I am just starting level 3. I have heard of that college, try and talk through your options with them !

    Good Luck :D
  • FolanderFolander Feels At Home Posts: 50Registered
    What part of London do you live in?
    I find it hard to belive that local colleges in any part of London don't offer AAT. I went to South Thames College / Merton College and found them to be pretty good.
  • SashaDellaSashaDella Trusted Regular Posts: 362Registered
    I don't live in London, but had read posts on this forum about. Could try searching the threads for it?

    I think its because its a high qualification. You have to find a college that does degrees as well.
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