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Hello everyone!

A bit about me: I'm Holly, I am a 22 year old from Norfolk, a 2011 Biochemistry graduate with a 2:2, and I am stuck in a insurance sales job which I really do not enjoy. I am looking to start a career and am very serious in starting studying AAT. This is something I have thought about for a while and will probably end up studying with Premier or Eagle (any recommendations?). I haven't quite decided yet but I need to get paid before I can start anyway :001_tongue:

Basically, I was wondering if completing level 2 has helped anyone here get a starting role in accounting? I am trying to move away from home to London but would like to have at least one level under my belt before doing so. I am just a bit concerned for the future as I know job offers aren't exactly going to be falling to my feet but I don't want to end up with nothing either y'know? I have already looked for jobs that train you as you go but with only 280 UCAS points and a 2:2 those roles are hard to come by, unless I have been looking in all the wrong places!

So yeah, that's all for now, I'm sure there will be a lot more questions to come from me, especially when I get studying :biggrin:

Many hugs to anyone who replies, even just to say hello!


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    Hi Holly, I'm a biology (although all my options where in cell signalling, molecular and biochemical pathways, etc) 2i.

    I started AAT Level 2 in Aug 2009 and then managed to secure work experience in a firm of accountants in Dec 2009.

    I think doing AAT helped me to get the work experience position as it showed I was committed to accountancy and it gave me something to talk about at the interview.

    My advice to you would be to continue at your insurance company and do AAT in your spare time. Once you've completed level 2 start applying for accounting work (stay in your current job) and see what happens. Worst case scenario you end up with a recognised accounting qualification with a job in insurance (i.e. not unemployed), best case scenario: you end up getting a training contract at a chartered firm of accountants in London.

    I would generally agree with you regarding the fact that jobs are difficult to come by for people with a lack of accounting experience/qualification but everyone has to start somewhere- I started out unemployed, only knowing about the MAP Kinase signalling pathway and nothing about accounting/tax, and exactly 3 years later I'm MAAT qualified, got a full-time job in accounts, got my own company doing accounts/tax and currently studying for another qualification (ATT).

    Good luck whatever you decide.
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