Leaving Job, please help

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I am currently employed as a Purchase Ledger Clerk.
I am the only one who does this job in my department. It is my first job in accountancy and
I was extremely happy when I got it 2 months ago. My company expects from me to process 1700 - 1800 invoices each month, plus everything else ie statements reconciliation, payments runs, coding non stock
invoices, processing personal expenses, dealing with queries ... . At this moment being new to the role I only manage to process invoices, personal expenses and credit notes. I started to hate accountancy.
Please help me with your expertise.
Is it normal to expect from one person to deal with so many invoices? I am struggling and thinking of leaving the job.

Level 2 completed, August 2012


  • Mollypod88
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    Hi Emi,

    I've worked Purchase Ledger for about 2 years now and I also process large volumes. My last job I processed around 2000 invoices a month plus statements and payment runs. Now I process around 1500 - 1800 a month but only work on statements and checking over the accounts. In my first role I felt completely overwhelmed but as the months went on I got used to the system and the work it became much more easier and found myself coping better.

    Now I'm becoming bored as the majority of my day is processing invoices and nothing else. My advice is to stick it out and give yourself about 6 months. A lot can change in that time and I think you'll have it under your belt by then :)

  • janwal
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    Hi Emi

    I to work in Purchase Ledger, there are 6 of us in our dept and we get between 1000 - 1500 invoices a week. We don't all work fulltime but at least half do. It does seem to me a lot to except 1 person to do and also their is an issue that if you are clearing the invoices and doing the payment runs alone there is no secregation of duty and therefore a petentail fraud issue (I'm not saying for one minute you would).

    Is there no body you can approach and perhaps just mention your concerns, it seems a shame to have to leave when jobs are few and far between. Maybe keep a record of the things you do each day for a week, this would help show your concerns and show them that you don't have any idle time.

    The amount of invoices probably isn't accessive it's the fact that there is no one to help witht the other duties, we take it in turns to do the payment runs.

    Good luck

  • bwestella
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    Hi Emi,

    I was in the exact same position.

    Going into the job with a promise from the interview of training and progression.

    5 months later still stuck processing invoices and shuffling paperwork all day.

    Boss turned out to be a.....you know.

    So I quit, lifes to short to be wasted on shuffling paperwork all day.

    Find something you like in accounts and go for it...if you really want it and show it, you wil get it.

    God bless.
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