PEAF Professional ethics exam

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I took this exam last Saturday.

The training provider had trouble booking me in because of AAT doing updates.

I phoned AAT who said there have not been updates for the exams.

I managed to get booked in, and do the exam of which half turned out to be things I have never come across in my study texts.

I use Osborne books (Purchased Early 2011) and many of the questions I had were not covered in the books. I have just been onto Osborne's website to find a second (updated) edition of the PEAF workbook.

Can someone please confirm if there has been updates to this exam in the past year?

I'm concerned I haven't been informed and now lost out on time and money.




  • SashaDella
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    I am studying this exam currently with the new Osborne books. the questions in the new book are similar to those in the AAT practice exam.

    Not sure how updated the 2012 is compared to the 2012, but perhaps look at the practise one and compare with what you have learnt in your book

  • JaffasGirl
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    Most of the units are being updated, they tend to get updated at the start of the academic year.

    So it depends on what your text books say - for example my indirect tax textbook says For assessments from 1 September 2011. So technically it is out of date now, i am waiting for a tutor to get back to me to see if anything has been updated this time round. I would say though that a text book bought early 2011 would not be 'valid' anymore, i.e. the textbook was out of date in September 2011.

    Which training provider have you been using? i would check your contract to see if you were supposed to receive any amendments to the text. Also if you bought the course and got a years support then that would also be out of date.
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