Asking boss for payrise now im qualified???

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I have recently completed level 4 so I am now fully qualified. I want to tell my boss I am now qualified and ask for a pay rise. The boss is the MD and doesnt know a lot about accounts so me babiling aload of accounts jargon he wont understand, but I want to convince him that I am worth the payrise.

I work for a small distribution company, there is only 4 people in the office including myself, I run the day to day accounts and a independent accountant comes in and does the year end and bank reconcillations.

I started off in the company in sales but now work in the accounts but help in sales when neccassary. I havent got a proper job title or job description as such.

My salary is currently Β£18k but now I'm qualified I feel im worth more and have more to give. I just want to know how to approach my boss about this in a convincing nice way and a way that he will understand. My worry is when I explain what I have been covering at college over the last few years he isnt going to know what im talking about as accounts is not his thing.

I have paid for the whole AAT qualification myself and didnt really want to get him involved at that point.

Please help :)


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    I just had this conversation with my manager, although ~I have only passed level 2 and 3.

    I went onto Reed and read the job descriptions, and printed out all the ones that related to my job, you could see that the jobs advertised were paying more money than I received so that was my basis for my payrise. I also printed out the salary guide from Robert half which showed how much money range you should be on for your area.

    Hope that helps :o)
    Fully AAT qualified July 2015
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    Thanks Chimpettee :@)
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