FNPF Exam....

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Hi Guys,

For those that have taken the exam, I was wondering if it was like the practise ones on the website? I'm already bricking it about this exam, and don't want any nasty surprises so to speak.

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  • aaron0121
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    Hi Chimpette,

    I found my cba exam relatively the same as the practise assessments - keep revising the formulas/material
    labour variances etc, also give yourself enough time to complete the two written sections....and you should
    be fine (hopefully no nasty surprises :lol:)

    Goodluck for your FNP exam :)


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  • Bongo
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    Hi Chimpette,

    I took this exam in July and to be honest was a little surprised when I started as I found it wasn't really in keeping with all the practice assessments I had taken. However saying that if you know your formula's and have a good understanding of the subject you should be okay.

  • Tracyevans14
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    I found it very similar. Just make sure you know your variances. Read the book on reasons why costs have increased/decreased and you'll be fine.

    All the best for the exam.
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