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Hope somebody can help me and give me some useful advice??? I took my financial statements exam in july. Over the summer break found out I have failed this exam and i will obviously have to resit. I have my resit date for the 20th September. I will now have to learn all of this subject again etc in 2 weeks as over summer I didnt bother to read the books or any notes, i guess i just wanted to have a little bit of a break from revision. I have been revising using the osborne books but I have trouble remembering the IAS's is there any books or any notes you have used that have helped you pass this subject.
This is my last opportunity with the college I have studied with to take this exam otherwise if I fail I won't be able to graduate with them this year. This is the only exam I need to pass and then am done.


  • Steve Collings
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    Sorry to hear you are struggling with FNST. I have written a book called IFRS For Dummies which is part of the worldwide 'For Dummies' series. This may help you with the standards - there is a free preview on the link I've supplied.

    In addition, I would always recommend every student of FNST reads my article on how to pass FNST as this offers some constructive guidance on how to tackle this paper.

    I hope this helps. Good luck.

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