Appealing exam results?

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Hi everyone. I hope someone can help with this.

I resat my financial statements exam for the 4th time in July and got my result back yesterday and I have failed again.

It is costing me a fortune in resits is it worth appealing the result? My feedback is below

1.1 exceeded
1.2 met
1.3 did not meet
1.4 did not meet
1.5 met
2.1 borderline
2.2 did not meet
2.3 met

I felt confident I had passed but my feeback shows otherwise. Has anyone appealed successfully and know how long it takes? Or does anyone know how close or how far away I am from passing from my feedback

Sorry for all the questions



  • Diddy Mau
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    I knew someone who appealed and it looked the same as feedback.
    Money wasted

    Looking at feedback section 2 let you down, practice these and learn what the ratios mean. Also if possible try cross reference the answers

    Good luck, HATED this exam lol
  • SBell
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    It's a while since I took this (January) but I would say work on your written answers - I had one "did not meet" but managed to pass the exam (thank goodness - I found it the hardest one). Good luck - hope you pass next time!
  • vickie88
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    I was in 2 minds weather to appeal my financial performance exam after the second time i had failed it but just decided to re sit it. But i think if i do fail again I will appeal it, its the written questions what i keep failing on.
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