Level 3 - taught 2 units in parelle at the college

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Hi all,

I've completed level 2 last June while attending the college. I was going to attend the college for the level 3 and they said they will be teaching 1 subject on one night and the other subject next day. That means I have to learn two subjects (units) at the same. I didn't really like this idea so I looked for another local college and they're doing the same.

I saw some saying it's better to do 1 subject at the time but colleges don't seem to do that way.

Does anybody have an experience with this kind of class-based learning? Does it work? I don't work in an accounting area plus English is not even my mother tongue.

I have to decide whether to attend one of these colleges this evening and i just can't make up my mind. Someways distance/on-line learning seem to suit me better (to fit around my schedule/no babysitting/long communiting). It looks like Eagle/BPP/Premier are the favour ones. Then I can't find the local assessment venue they offer exam sitting to the external candidate. I looked up AAT website our local college is there but they say they wouldnt' allow an exam only option..

Could you give me tips on subject/unit learning sequence please?


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    If you don't have accounting experience I would advise going to college. They probably offer fast track courses and the reasons for studying to exams at once is because most of the work you can do outside of class times.

    I wouldn't worry about having too much work because they offer resits as well.

    I did my Level 2 externally, and there is a link to find out where to sit the exams as an external student on the AAT website. (I can find for you - where are you based?)

    I am attending college for level 3, and we study 2 or 3 subjects at once.

    Hope this helps!
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    I have studied level 2 and 3 at college, and about to go onto level 3. We have always done at least 2 subjects atg a time and at the beginning of level 3 we did 3. I do day release so it was 3 hrs in the morning and then 3 hours in the afternoon. It was hard especially on level 3, but doing cmgt and crs together helped as there was a little overlap.

    Not sure how level 4 will do but here goes!!

    Good luck

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    Hi all,

    Thanks for all you advice. I have finally made up my mind and I'm going to study by myself. I just don't fancy attending the college which is a bit far and the one charges fortune! I haven't got text book yet and I'm going through different options but I've got a good feeling about self-study,somehow.

    I shall book 1st exam in October and the 2nd one in December as others are doing. Hopefully this will enforce me to sit at the desk longer!

    Good luck to you all.
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