Would this be crazy hard?

Starting college in Sept for Level 3, I have already read through alot of the books and after completing level 2 so quickly (distance learning) I feel that college will go to slow.

Is it crazy to start level 4 at the same time as level 3?

Also what level 4 subjects are "more" easy to pass? As I want to start on these first :D



  • Evie
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    Hi SashaDella,

    Will college let you do level 3 and 4 together? I thought some subjects at level 4 naturally followed on from level 3.

    Just out of interest how fast did you did you do level 2 and who did you do it with? Why did you change to going to college, was it the social aspect?
  • SashaDella
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    No I was thinking of self study for a few exams that I could do. Yes the levels help each other as they are always a step up from previous level and may introduce a new topic.

    I did level 2 started studying June and done last exam Aug. I could have done it quicker but exam times stopped this.

    I changed to go to college for level 3, because I am employed as an apprentice. I was going to have to enrol for level 2 but I encouraged otherwise
  • aaron0121
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    hi Sasha,

    Depends on which option modules you want to study, I found credit control quite easy, finished the cba exam in
    15 minutes :lol: The invigilator thought I entered in the wrong AAT exam, can't believe credit control is a level 4
    Yes i agree with Evie some level 4 subjects are naturally followed on from level 3, I would recommend doing
    at least cost revenues, cash management, and accounts prep two first before doing FNP,FNST and budgeting.

    You're in a strong position, no need to jump the gun :thumbup1:


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    Level 3 - 2011
    Level 4 - 2013


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  • janwal
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    Hi SashaDella

    I thought level 2 was easy and I was ahead in all my classes, but level 3 was a different story all together. I found it a big step up from 2 and was glad things were at a slower pace.

    I don't know how you would come on doing 4 at the same time, we were told if we didn't complete 3 we couldn't go onto 4, but that could be just a college rule.

  • liveprincess
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    I can't see why you couldn't try doing level 3 at college and studying yourself for level 4. There won't be any time pressure and you only book an exam when you're ready. If you have time to do this, why not?
  • SashaDella
    SashaDella Registered Posts: 362
    I have decided I may as well TRY and see how I do. As long as it doesn't impact on level 3 :D

    Is it just ICAS that I cannot self study for? and what books do you use? I have been using Osbourne for level 2 and now for level 3.
  • jewels.p
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    This is only my own opinion but I wouldn't recommend you study Level 3 and Level 4 at the same time. Those levels are a completely different ball game to Level 2. I studied all my AAT through Distance Learning (no College) and found Level 3 harder than Level 2 and when I moved onto the Final Level I needed all the spare time I had to study. You may well get a shock when you realise how much more difficult Level 4 is compared to Level 2 especially. But if you are going ahead with the two levels at the same time good luck & you never know you may walk it but I never heard anyone saying that Level 4 was easy.:001_smile:
  • SashaDella
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    The thing is I am studying all exams for level 3 at the same time over a year so I think I shall have enough time to at least DIP into a level 4 book.

    I have only had my first lesson and shall probably not even look at Level 4 until November time! Thanks for your advice.. and ill let you know how I get on.

    I have lots of free time to study and if I find level 4 stuff is getting in the way of my level 3 I won't bother continuing. Although I was only going to look into Business tax for starters :D
  • Louise89
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    Not crazy, I overlapped 2 & 3 and the 3 & 4. You've just got to be organised and fit the modules in the right place.
  • davegtt
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    I dont know how hard Level 4 is but level 3 was ridiculously easy IMO. I went to college on day release from work from Sept - Oct then was made redundant. From end of Oct - April/May I turned up to about 3 lessons and that was only because college was threatening to kick me out due to attendance reasons. I passed Level 3 with a reasonable amount of ease and no studying for the exam. So if you are confident and committed there is no reason you cannot breeze through 3 whilst studying for level 4.

    I didnt learn much in my Level 3 course, it all seemed like common sense from what I learnt at Level 2.
  • SashaDella
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    I don't meant to sound big headed but I find it all very easy so far... and its only 7 exams! Thanks Dave, I'm glad someone else agrees with me :)
  • jewels.p
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    davegtt - Maybe the Exams have got easier these days as you make it sound like a walk in the park and it doesnt give a lot of people who struggle much confidence seeing as you say it is all "common sense"
  • SashaDella
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    I think I'm going to focus on level 3, now I have started and enjoying the slower pace!

    Jewels - Im sure people struggle with different parts of the course, because its so varied there are parts that seem "like common sense" once you know it it makes sense of course!!! but I wouldn't say its a walk in the park

    Dave - have you completed level 4 now?
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