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Morning All

I was wondering.....do you need to do level 2? Can you go straight to level 3? I have worked on accounts as a self-employed businessman in the past, I have done my own VAT returns and Payrolling, I have done my own book-keeping.

I want to add the AAT quals to my CV to go with my Diploma in Financial Planning which is QCF Level 4.

I will be home-study only.

Has anyone gone straight to Level 3 and how was it?




  • SashaDella
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    I haven't gone straight into Level 3 but that was because I had no accounts experience.

    If you have done book-keeping before than you should be fine for BA1 and 2 as they cover the ledgers, bank rec, double entry and trial balances etc.

    WEAF - Is about working effectively, solvency, writing reports and emails.

    CMPA - If you have experience on computer accounting systems (eg sage) than you won't need this.

    Basic Costing - This is a module that is covered again in level 3, but you may want to read up about variances etc.

    Anyways.. try the skills check and this will be the best indicator to what level you are ready for: http://www.aatskillcheck.org/home.aspx

    You need level 3 and 4 to gain the full qualification - However you may get exemptions (contact AAT about this)
  • Ventra
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    Thanks Sasha

    I have the level 2 books coming this week, so I'll have a blast through them, do some mocks etc and the look at doing level 3.
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    Hi Ventra,

    I went in straight at level 3 but I had done levels 1 and 2 City and Guilds Accounting qualification so I had the basic knowledge. If you have the basic knowledge eg double entry, bank recs etc etc then go in t level 3. If your knowledge is limited then I say start at level 2 to get the basic knowledge you need.

    The fundamentals are really important as you still use the information you learn at level 2 on level 4.

    Good luck
  • Jane Hasler
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    Hi Ventra

    We do a few students that start straight at Level 3 based on experience. However because prospective students are not fully aware of the Level 2 syllabus we do ensure they are starting at the right level by offering them to complete an online quiz.

    The quiz has several tasks to complete that reflect the Level 2 syllabus so you will get a taster of what's included n level 2. It's marked by a tutor and is completely free of charge and will help you make an informed decision.

    Here is a link to access the quiz: http://www.premiertraining.co.uk/assignments/online_quiz.htm once completed a tutor will contact you with the results usually within an hour.

    I hope this helps.

    Jane Hasler
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