best way to run our payroll system

Hi there

Wondering if anyone can help

We have 42 members of staff. We pay them on or before the 6th day of each month.

Current system is as follows

1st Jan - 31st Jan, Basic Pay period
20th Jan - 19th Feb, adjustment period for sick, overtime, holiday etc
Basically forgetting the first month as highlighted above, come the 6th March you would get your basic pay for 1st-28th Feb + adjustments for period 20th Jan - 19th feb

this is how our payroll company has set it out but it causes so many problems with staff getting paid then querying their wages.

What I would like to know is can anybody recommend a better system? I do not know enough about payroll but my thoughts would be to run the whole system from the 1st to last day of each month including adjustment period so they are synched then maybe move the pay date to the 10th to allow enough time for processing.

Would this be alright??

Any thoughts really appreciated



  • oakley
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    First comment is I am surprised you pay the months payroll in the following month, not sure any of our employees would have this and all my previous jobs have paid in the month worked.

    We pay our 129 staff monthly the last friday in every month, overtime is calulated to the week before payment with the previous weeks overtime thats was missed added in, all other late, sick, holiday adjustments are made to this point as well.

    Do you outsource payroll? this may be why they want different days to fit with workload, cant see any benefit for your company though especially as in the example above an employee will be paid for 1st to 28th feb even though they may have been sick and not return to work.
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