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Hi Guys,

I'm starting on my ICAS project and I'm at the thinking of ideas stage. I don't get to discuss anything with my tutor until Tuesday so I wanted to throw my boss' idea at you guys first and see what you think so I can at least get some planning done over the weekend!

I work in an accounts practice and my boss is looking for ways in which they can improve the management information such as conversion rates average annual fees ect. as they have targets but no way of knowing if they are close to hitting them.

In doing this I would effectivly be killing two birds with one stone but I don't know if I am way off the mark here or if it is a good topic? I don't want to plan all weekend for my tutor to say it won't cover the criteria :)

Any tips or advice would be great, also I'd love to know what you all chose for this project?



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    What you need to think, is can you write 3500 words on that and you need to know the cost's of any recommendations you make.

    i did mine on my works payroll system which was good as i could open it up in to lots of different things and linked it all in to the potential fraud section.

    just prepare yourself for when it is been marked it gets very frustrating and annoying when they send it back and tell all the things you have to change as you have to go in to lots of detail.
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    Hi Mel, I was in a similar position to you when I did my project, if I was going to spend so much time on it I wanted it to be really useful. My subject was based around the receipt of payments within the company and the internal distribution of funds. It opened a small can of worms and proved to be extremely useful. I would think that you'd be able to build up a good project around the real requirement to effectively manage your fees and targets. In the first instance I'd construct a SWOT analysis of the Strengths and Weaknesses of your existing systems (or lack of them), what's good, what's bad and what you can do to improve it. What are the Opportunities that will appear from a new 'improved' system and what are the potential Threats to the company and workforce from the existing system. One you start analysing you may be surprised how the material for the project will branch out and flow, you'll probably end up with too many words! The feedback can get frustrating at times but remember, at the end of the day it's all geared to help you to pass first time. My advice is get stuck in. Good Luck!
  • Melody87
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    Thanks for your advice :) I have gone round and spoken to a few colleagues about how they feel about the current system and what they think they would like to see from it so it's looking like I will have plenty to talk about.

    I was a bit worried about having anything to say about fraud but as it turns out the system is very limited in that you have only 3 permissions levels which as a consequence means the lady who raises invoices can see how much everyone gets paid! Certainly something that could be a basis for a paragraph or two on fraud.

    Anyway I'm going to get on with it now. I have all day today to get together a draft and with any luck I'll have something to submit by the end of the weekend!
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