Level 4 Uploading assignments

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Hi Everyone,

Just enrolled onto level 4 and have read that the projects/assignments will need to be uploaded to AAT website for marking. Can anyone tell me what type of file is acceptable? I currently use an Apple MacBook which has Open Office. Is this going to be ok to send my work with?

Thought I should ask before I do too much work ...........




  • Jo Clark
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    I can't see it being a problem. You'll probably end up zipping the various files before uploading. You could download the guidance notes re learn plus and see if it mentions file formats in there.

    Good luck with level 4 and the project.
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  • aaron0121
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    Hi Clive,

    I also use a apple Macbook. I had no trouble uploading the project onto AAT as i have installed Microsoft
    office for Mac. I'm not quite sure on the different file formats on open office but if it has .doc format
    this should allow you to upload your work onto AAT :)

    Good luck with level 4


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