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Hi guys,

Would appreciate any advice here. I'm really interested in increasing my spreadsheet knowledge so I can do things like Pivot tables, V and H Lookups and so forth. My knowledge simply is not up to snuff and I know many credible jobs require this knowledge.

Can any one recommend a distance learning course? I've looked at things like ECDL, MCAS and others.

I know someone might mention there is a spreadsheets element at level 3 with the AAT, but going back to a level 3 course which I have already passed under the diploma pathway (old standards) really feels like regression and I want something else new to put on my CV

I really appreciate comments here.



  • Jo Clark
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    Hello Magician

    I can recommend the ECDL and Advanced ECDL. You can study the complete qualification or just select the units which interest you. I have studied and passed the advanced Excel module and found it invaluable when studying spreadsheets at level 3.

    You may want to look at courses run by your local FE College or Adult Education Centre. If you are not too worried about a course where you receive a qualification you can always look at the Microsoft Knowledge Centre as there are numerous Excel tutorials from the very basics to more advanced topics.

    If there is anything in particular you are trying to do/learn, post a message here as someone will answer and others will also be able to benefit from it.

    I hope you find something suitable.

    JC :o
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    Hi, I started an excel with business course a couple of months ago which I am studying in conjunction with AAT. It covers pretty much the same sort of thing that is in the level 3 unit. I believe that AAT are now offering it as a free course (which is quite annoying as I paid for mine!)


    hope this helps?
  • The Magician
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    I think ECDL is the way to go. I would not bombard myself with all the units what with the project left to do and a desire the ICB tax exam.

    Can anyone recommend a provider - I saw one provider offering the spreadsheet module for £45 quid which I thought was quite good.

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