percantage passed by in each exam - anyway of finding this out? :)

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Does anyone know how i can find the above out? Ive just finished level 4 so would like to know the above just out of curiosity??



  • Jo Clark
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    I don't think you can find a percentage. You can request feedback from your tuition provider/exam centre which will show the areas examined and each will be marked at exceeded, met, borderline or did not meet but I'm sure there is no percentage figures available.

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  • totleyblade
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    Hi Hopeipassx, this is a link to 'PQ Magazine' which published the AAT pass rates for the first 3 months of this year. Read how they work the % out though, it's not that straightforward. Hopeitworksx -
  • Hopeipassx
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    Cheers thanks guys! :)
  • vickie88
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    The AAT wont give you the percentage as the exams are still live.

    i rang up and asked the for more information on why i failed my FNPF exam and they wouldn't tell me anything x
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