Kaplan En-gage help when does it expire :confused1:

topcat Registered Posts: 452
Anyone used the online part of Kaplan books en-gage.kaplan.co.uk/lms , this is for the "Accounts Preparation 1" book:

"the registration and your online content will expire when the final sittings for the examinations covered by this book have taken place"

when would this be because surely everyone takes the exam at different times?


  • vickie88
    vickie88 Registered Posts: 58 ? ? ?
    Mine all stayed on until i had finished my course tuition for level 4. But if it does expire before you finish you just ring them and they put the units you need back on x
  • MWAUGH1983
    MWAUGH1983 Registered Posts: 420
    Im sure when I bought the kaplan revision material for AP is said that it expired at the end of 2012 - this was last yr. My material on engage for BGT says it expires at the end of Aug 2013. They would give an expire as obviously its material that you have bought which links in with live assessments. Dont know if they would extend it beyong the expire though.

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