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I just wanted to share my experience of setting up a website, as it may help others that are looking at doing this.

I set it all up through Google Apps for Business. This is free is you need less than 6 email addresses. You can purchase your domain name through Google Apps (£6 for a year for or through a third party and then link this to your google apps account.

The website set up is straight forward (in text and not in HTML) and I now have my website in the process of being set up, with 2 personalised email addresses.

All this has cost me is the £6 for the domain name. Much easier and cheaper than I anticipated!


  • PGM
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    I've heard a lot of good reports about Google, they have some good systems for eShops, email, websites.
  • Gem7321
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    My hubby is a web developer and runs a web hosting company so I have no idea how my website happened! All I know is that he offers unlimited hosting from £3.50pm
  • PSC Business Services Ltd
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    Hi Laura
    Trying to find the google apps for business free website online and I can only find is this the one you used to get your free website.

    Thanks you

  • Laura8192
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    Hi Pauline

    This is the link I used:

    I chose the Google Apps option as it is free for up to 10 email addresses and at the moment there is just me :-)

    Once you start it takes you through setting up a web domain etc. Once you are set up, you have to create a site, then link the site to your web domain and set the settings to public view so anyone can see it. It is a little complicated but worth it for a free site in my opinion....
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