What is the nicest thing someone has done for you?

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hello all,

it will be good to get your answers on the above question!!



  • SashaDella
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    Yesterday I was stranded no phone no way home and it was really dark around 8.30pm and there was no one about!

    I was panicking didnt know what to do, but there was one lady out. I went up to her and asked to use her phone so I could get home, I couldn't get through to anyone and she gave me a lift home!

    I was so grateful. Not the nicest thing but one of the kindest people I have met in a while.
  • amyjayne27
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    It was my birthday last Thrusday and my sister suprised me by being at my house when I got home, she had travelled all the way from Bristol. Also my friend had the whole day planned for me, I love them both!
  • JodieR
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    When I was 17 I broke up with my boyfriend of about a year, and a week later he stood right outside the shop i worked in on weekends, with his tongue down the throat of his new girlfriend. I wasn't at work that day but my (totally hot) colleague went & tapped him on the shoulder & said 'sorry to interrupt but don't you think that's a little inappropriate?'.
    I'm sure people have done grander things for me before & since but thinking about that always makes me giggle & feel a little bit special!
  • mandatory
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    I was on my way to stay with a friend for the Olympics and I was at Vauxhall station with a heavy case, and I attempted to lift it up the stairs to get to my platform. A really nice man said "here, let me help" and carried it all the way up! :) I was tired after travelling from Birmingham and the case was really hard for me to carry so I really appreciated it! Luckily he didn't miss his own train while helping me out.
  • liveprincess
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    luckily, he didn't run away with your case :tongue_smilie:
  • Roro1303
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    thanks for replying, very interesting, mine was about 5yrs ago when, i was travelling on an easyjet Flight to France with my six months old baby and my 2yr old girl + a handbag, my little girl got fed up walking the long walk way into the plane at Luton Airport,
    then this Man came to me and my Daughter offering to carry her, my daughter did not want him to, i had to reassure her, (bless her) she has already had her lessons on don't talk or take things from strangers..etc even at that age!! he carried my her, while walking with me into the plane, then carried her till the Taxi when we got to Paris.

    This gentleman is now a friend, my daughter is nearly 7, my little boy 5 in a month,
    and that is the nicest thing that someone has done for me.
  • GemmaS
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    This isn't something that been done just for me but for my parents. My father has just been diagnosed with terminal cancer and the guys that he has worked with and been a supervisor for for the past 40 years have all chipped in and put enough money together to pay for a flight for my mum and dad to go to Greece to spend some time on their boat together before its too late. The guys that have done this don't have a lot of money themselves so the sacrifice and thought they put into it made me well up and just shows that there are some amazing people out there who care and want to help in any way they can.

    My dad won't be able to take them up on the offer as he's on chemo and the boat is currently dry docked. So he has said if they would like to help then a donation to Macmillan will mean as much to him if not more.

    That is the nicest thing that I have come across for a long time and even though it wasn't directly aimed at me it still means a lot to me.
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