New Recruitment Agency for Finance Professionals run by Finance Professionals


I would like to take this opportunity to introduce a new recruitment agency that specifically caters to recruiting in the accountancy profession. What makes this agency different from the rest is that our recruitment consultants are actually accountants rather than sales people, which is what you usually find within the recruitment profession.

There are two main benefits of having accountants as recruitment consultants:

For the employer

Accountants understand the true needs and objectives of a business and that of their employees, as they have worked in the same roles they now recruit for which gives them a better understanding over traditional recruitment consultants.

For the job seeker

As accountants, we have been in the same position ourselves over the years, trying to secure our next position within a company. For this reason alone, we have a better understanding of the frustration job seekers can face with recruitment agencies. This is where we do things differently and value our candidates like we do our clients. We treat our candidates the same way that we would have liked to have been treated when we were candidates ourselves.

If you are interested in becoming either a candidate or client, please visit our website for more information on who we are and what we are about.


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