Exam just to enter AAT level 4 ?

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I dont no if this is compulsory with all learning providers but has anyone else had to take an exam/test before even being allowed to enroll in the AAT Level 4 course?

bare in mind that i've completed level 2 & 3 at my local college but they still made everyone who applied do an hour exam testing accounting knowledge and literacy skill as well as an interview with one of the tutors :/


  • SashaDella
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    I guess because its first level of degree, they need to make sure your 100% committed etc. Plus it lets them know what level people are on and what people may need a boost in etc.

    I had to do a maths and english test even with my GCSES just to get onto level 3. I wouldn't worry to much :)
  • Folander
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    The college I went to tried to make me re-interview when I was moving from level 3 to level 4. I just laughed at them and told that I had just taken and passed level 3 there. I said I am not doing an interview speak to one of my tutors who would vouch for me.

    Totally stupid but that's local gov education for ya!
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    I would imagine if there are more students wanting to take the course than spaces available then the college would implement an interview system - especially in the current era when league tables and such rule ! Also may be a way of assessing any areas for development or places that potential students may need extra support with (which isn't necessarily a bad thing)

    I'd also hazard a guess that there are more students wanting to study AAT level 4 at college than there are other levels. I base this on the number of discussions I have seen on here from students who have studied level 2/3 via distance learning but felt like they needed to attend a classroom based course for level 4.

    I don't work in education, but I am sure that one of the very knowledgeable tutors on here could give some insight in to this ?
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