Exams whilst getting support

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If someone was getting support from an employer; do they dictate when the exams are sat? Just with cbe's being able to be sat whenever. What are peoples experiences?



  • janwal
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    Hi Martin

    I am being supported by employer but they have not had any say in how I do my course, mind you I am studying through college so they probably can't. I know there not happy as my exams seem to coinside with year ends at work as we have 2 and they do again this year.

    Hopw you get it soerted.

  • amyjayne27
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    Hi Martin,
    I am a distance learner and my boss has no say over when I do my exams really - I always keep him updated on how I am doing and when I am booking each exam but really it's when I feel ready. And I will definitely try not to have any exams in January not because my boss has said, but because I may have a melt down otherwise!
  • MWAUGH1983
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    Cheers girls!

    I haven't had any say either way; just I wondered if they would be strict in when the exams were done especially if they were paying for the exam - though don't know if they will fund the exam.

    though I don't know the likelihood either way as my appraisal was 6 mths ago and I was told they were looking for an answer by yesterday as the manager was on holiday this wk.
  • SashaDella
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    Are you studying distance learning?

    Once you have read the book, done the exercises and feel you are ready to take the exam thats when you should book it. Your employer may give you guidelines or deadlines by which you should be completing the level however this should change with discussions with you.

    I planned most of mine myself and then seeked payment from my employer,,
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