AAT level 4 or CIMA Certificate level?

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I have one exam left for level 3 and I am wondering what to do next.

I have 12 years experience of working in accounts and I want to be a management accountant so
naturally I am looking to do CIMA.

My question is, is it worth doing level 4 or going straight to certificate level for CIMA?

I have done AAT to gain proper accounting knowledge but I cannot see myself being self-employed or working in a practice.

I know there are exemptions for the certificate level if I continue with AAT but I can't really see the

Any help is greatly appreciated.



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    This was my predicament too

    And you may aswell finish aat because you get full exemptions from certificate level so there's no difference doing either, but having aat and cima on cv is better than just having cima, and if for some reason you don't complete cima you still have aat on your cv
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    The AAT is a good qualification to have on your CV and shows intent with regard to completing CIMA. There is a big overlap between level 4 and operational level, but I presume there is between cert and operational levels too.

    I think it all boils down to 2 things.

    The cost of level 4 Vs CIMA Cert level.
    How much you value being a MAAT.

    Good luck with your decision.
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    CIMA or AAT

    Hi, I think you have answered your own question as you said you want to be a management accountant I believe CIMA sounds like the best option for yourself. Having just completed AAT level 4 I have looked at the CIMA course content as am considering wether to do CIMA myself, it appears if you we're to do AAT you would not cover some topics which will help in the later stages like ethics, business law and business economics even though the management and financial accounting will have been covered. Think AAT would broaden your options, but CIMA would be more specific to management accounting :001_smile:
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