NEST auto-enrolment shenanigans

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1 October 2012 sees the introduction of the new national pension rules. How has the change affected you? What are the implications for your business/employer?

As with any change of this magnitude there will be a period of confusion (here are a couple of examples) - do you understand your obligations? What are your thoughts on the wisdom of auto-enrolment into NEST?


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    Interesting as I was only asking about this the other day. I do the books for a pre school with 8 employees most of whom are on minimum wage. The supervisor however earns more than whatever the minimum is so it will affect us. I know for a fact that she won't want to go into a pension scheme but I still have to go through all the rigmarole of starting a scheme, enrolling her in it, paying into it and then getting her to opt out of it and wait for our money to come back again. Then every 3 years we have to go through the same procedure. Bonkers. Why can't she opt out beforehand so that we don't ever have to set up the scheme?
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    I'll start worrying about it mid 2015 for it to take effect 01.01.16: Staging dates here. By such time they might have a manageable system!


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