Financial Performance 3rd time lucky =)

vickie88vickie88 Feels At HomePosts: 58Registered
Well I did it i finally passed this awful exam took me three attempts but i got there in the end =)

I am so happy =)

Just waiting for my ICAS to be marked by the internal verifier than am finished =)


  • bubsbubs Feels At Home Posts: 41Registered
    Well done Vickie for all the hard work and persistence.

  • vickie88vickie88 Feels At Home Posts: 58Registered
    i am so relived now i have finally passed it x
  • WhirlwindWhirlwind Well-Known Posts: 249Registered
    Fantastic news!! I remember somewhere on the forum it was called the 'nasty' and I couldn't have agreed more - so big celebration deserved.
  • vickie88vickie88 Feels At Home Posts: 58Registered
    it sure is nasty its the worst exam I have ever had to do and it the only one i have really struggled with and not passed first time. Glad it is over with now =) Yes big celebrations are in order hehehe =)
  • aaron0121aaron0121 Trusted Regular BirminghamPosts: 422Registered
    Great news Vickie, congratulations once again :)

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