New P46 forms

So, these new 1-page P46 forms... there's nowhere for the employee to sign. Is there any obligation on the employer (or employee?) to prove that the employee has agreed to the data submitted online?
For example, a client of mine recently employed a new worker, I have her name address NI DoB and the employer has told me over the phone that this is now her only job but she has had another job this year, so I've got sufficient information to file the P46 but who's going to get it in the neck if this information turns out to be wrong??


  • BlueGoddess
    BlueGoddess Registered Posts: 3 New contributor ?
    I would feel inclined to use the old form - the shortened version would be OK for your own staff, but not for a client...we all know how reliable they are!
  • deanshepherd
    deanshepherd Registered Posts: 1,809
    Don't worry about it. HMRC will soon issue a new code if they ticked the wrong box.
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