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Hi there

I hope someone can help. I'm due to complete Level 4 very soon - just got my ICAS project to finalise
and submit. Does anyone know what counts toward Work experience to go for MAAT?
I have an all-round accounts role as in Sales and Purchase Ledgers, VAT returns, bank recs, nominal account recs, payroll but not so much in the way of budgeting, cashflows or preparation of financial statements.



  • uknitty
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    Your work experience will be fine - you are not expected to demonstrate experience in every single area of the sylabus.

    I would recommend filling in your application now ready for when your ICAS project is signed off competent. Just go through each thing on your list and expand a little on your day to day responsibilities


    Sales Ledger: Raising invoices and Credit Notes. cash allocation, Aged Debtor Anaylsis,

    That should be enough :) Your experience sounds pretty similar to mine and I had no problems - took about a week to get my membership application approved

    Good luck and let us know how you get on
  • Curlymum
    Curlymum Registered Posts: 6 Regular contributor ⭐
    Thank you uknitty.

    ICAS not going well. Seeing my tutor. Also got made redundant on Monday but employer has said they will sign off my work experience.

    Hopefully I'll find a job and get MAAT very soon.

    Thanks again
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