Whats the best way to look for a job?

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Hi I finished level 3 and started level 4. I dont work in accountancy area but I think its time to look for a job. I checked few adverts but everywhere they ask for job experience. Im gutted. I dont want to study just for the sake of studying and not being able to work in the area. What kind of jobs could I apply for? Anyone has an idea? Where to look for it?


  • SashaDella
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    I would try and contact accountancy practices in your area and first try to get a training job, or work experience (voluntary) Most places will like you to have some experience... which is frustrating when trying to find your first job.

    Try looking on reed for trainee accounts assistants
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    I'm in the same position Danny1717.
    I've applied for a lot of job vacancies and if I'm lucky I get a reply saying that unfortunately I do not have the right experience and if I'm not lucky then my application gets ignored completely. So I decided to go down the voluntary work experience route and contacted many local firms explaining what I'm studying and what I am looking for experience wise and everywhere comes back saying they are not offering work experience at this moment.

    It is frustrating but keep at it.
    My next plan is to get myself some business cards made up with my contact details etc and giving them out to anyone I meet who is in the business or knows someone who is. The more people you speak to and tell your plans to the higher the chances are that you find something.

    I think if you can come up with some innovative ways of selling yourself you become more attractive to potential employers. Try thinking out the box rather than being the same as everyone else as employers must get so bored reading the same things in cover letters and CVs.
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    I was in the same postion, not hearing anything back at all. I went to a local voluntary action group, called voluntary action calderdale, and put myself forward to do some voluntary work that was anything finance related. They put me on a register and i had about 7 calls in 2 days from different charity groups, some were wanting help way beyond my means, I was still studying level 2 at the time! I went to see a couple and decided on a place at a local community foundation, I'm now working there paid as a finance assistant to cover maternity leave and whilst its only 3days per week and not practice work, I've gained a lot of practical knowledge and more importantly that much needed experience to help get a foot in the door. I would search your local area for something similar, not just the local accountancy practices there are plenty of little charitable groups out there who could do with someone helping out with book keeping work and it gets some exp on the cv. I will need to start looking for something again soon and i'm sure having volutary work plus the paid exp will help no end. Dont forget if your going out volunteering to get accounts exp it shows you are keen and determined to get on in the field.
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