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Sorry if this has been asked before, but I'm applying for a job in Australia and I need to put something in about what the AAT course covers. I've found the section of the website that tells you what you will learn in each level but this is a bit too much information.

Does anyone know where I can find a brief overview of what the AAT covers? I'm looking for something, about a paragraph long if possible, that summarizes the areas covered. I'm happy to rewrite or edit if needed but I'm struggling to cut the information I have got down and still make sense.

Thanks in advance for any help



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    Might be worth using the exam briefs/assesment units and then just expanding on that?
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    Hi Nicola,
    have you looked at the section "Practical skills gained at each level of the qualification" in MyAAT? It's a good starting point.
  • NicF
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    Hi both

    Thanks for the pointers. I was actaully hoping for something short and snappy that covered the main skills learned, but thre doesn't really seem to be anything. The 'Practical skills gained at each level of the qualification' section is probably the best source. It's a bit of a list but it's something I can work with to turn in to a few sentances.

    Thanks for the help.
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    Hello Nic

    Have you tried looking at different college/training providers website for descriptions about the AAT and what you will cover.

    For example...

    AAT Level 2 covers the essential accounting skills such as double entry bookkeeping. As well as learning key theoretical concepts, the course teaches how to create and maintain computerised records using Sage Instant Accounts, the world’s most popular accounting and bookkeeping software.

    AAT Level 3 consolidates previous learning through the practice of specific accounting tasks, such as the formal preparation of accounts and cash management and professional ethics within the accounting sector.

    AAT Level 4 covers advanced activities, such as drafting financial statements for limited companies, while developing management skills. [Write something about the two optional units you studied]

    Hope this helps or gives you some pointers of where to look.

    JC :o
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