Claiming Tax back from Employment, one off

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Good morning,

I just had a client walked into our office this morning. She paid about £600.00 tax where the tax should have been zero.

Is it the best approach to write them a letter with the tax calculation showing the client overpaid and ask for a refund?

What is the common practice in this circumstance?



  • T.C.
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    I would suggest a phone call first to HMRC with all the details of current employment etc.
  • Monsoon
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    If they log in online (or if you do if you're authorised agent) you should be able to see from their account that there is an overpayment, and request it to be paid into their bank.

    There is a 30/60 (i can't remember which) day holding period though, so HMRC will hang onto it for that long before issuing a refund. That's not them being mean, that's something to do with fraud prevention, I think.
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