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I am taking my business tax computer based exam next Tuesday. I'm sure I read that I am allowed to take some information from HMRC into the exam with me.

Also, does anyone know how long you have to wait for the results?




  • Jo Clark
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    Hello Neil

    You are not allowed to take anything into the exam with you except for pens/pencils/calculator. The information which I think you may be referring to is available as a drop down/pop up table in the exam.

    Have you looked at the practice exams as you will see an example of this drop down/pop up information. It is similar to that in the Indirect Tax exam at level 3 and also Financial Statements at level 4.

    The exam results can take upto six weeks as the written element is human marked.

    Good luck.

    JC :o
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  • neilw41
    neilw41 Registered Posts: 12 Regular contributor ⭐ 😼 ⭐
    Oh ok, thanks for that.

    Kind regards, and yes...fingers crossed!:thumbup1:
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