Complete lack of motivation

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This is a ridiculous thread but I feel so confused!

I'm almost finished Level 4 AAT I swapped my job in industry for one in practice with a 2.5k pay drop as I would like to work for myself as soon as I can. The problem I have is I can't motivate my self to work and end up spending a lot of time procrastinating. I quite like tax returns but fishing through accounts and checking other peoples work I find so mind numbing. I'm even starting to wonder if Accounts is for me at all. :(

I don't know if this is just a bad patch or if I genuinely don't enjoy it I can't figure out my own head! Perhaps it's a short attention span.
My partner is setting up an ebay business on the side of his current work and it looks really exciting to me I feel like I would like to do that with him instead!

Has anyone else had doubts like this before? Sorry if I'm insulting some of you that are looking for jobs in accounts I know I'm wasting it to an extent. :(



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    Sorry you are feeling this way. How did you find your job in industry? If you were motivated by that job but are not motivated by your new role then maybe it's just that working in practice is not for you. Maybe you should look at moving in to management accounting instead. It's hard to be sure what we are going to find interesting and enjoy until we do it.

    Is there any reason why you can't get involved with your partners new side line? If he is doing it alongside his day job then why can't you? At least it will give you a chance to try it out while still having money comming in.

    I hope it all works out for you.
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    Just to let you know, Accounts isn't for me...
    I wanted to get into an Engineering career and I'm working in Accounts doing the AAT....:thumbdown:

    Not my plan and not what I wanted to do so I understand your complete lack of motivation for it all.
    Was there something you wanted to do before getting into accounts? My plan is to stay in my job and start learning about Engines in my spare time as a hobby.

    But you look as though you would like to enter into business with your partner which isn't a bad idea. Obviously you will have to work hard and make sure you are able to support yourselves, however this could potentially allow yourself to explore different avenues in what you really want to do in life.

    Something to think about:confused1:
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    My cousin is a mechanical engineer with 30 years experience and he hates his job too. I ran my own buisness for 9 years and believe me i love routine now after some days years ago robbing Peter to pay Paul. Im 44 now come in accounts only 4 years ago after trying and risking a lot, nearly lost my home etc at one point was nearly bankrupt but got through it. I know what your feeling and but after getting it out my system i love boring work now lol. But 20 years ago would never do it as i wanted to chase the £ afraid until you have tried and explored you may walk out of your present job and come back to years later. Just keep plodding on and doors will open and with experience work gets less boring but takes time and someone will be doing your present job. Some days i have so much to with clients i crave boredom as i dont have enough hours lol..............
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    ps mel you sound like you want to be self employed......................its good and bad, but fun too................the days flew by but can be life ruining........
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    Thanks for all your replies, I think I'm just going to dive in and see if I can help make this business work with my partner.

    I do really enjoy studying accounts so it was a bit of a shock when I started in practice and realised I was bored stiff! Working in industry was better I think but I wasn't at a high level so I will reserve judgement.

    I think, villapb, you are right. Both of us love being busy, whenever we have a spare second we are out doing something whether it be working on our cars or driving to Skegness at 1:00AM. even when we complain that we don't get a chance to sit down we know we would be bored otherwise so I think working for ourselves might be the answer :)

    I can always keep my MAAT when I get it so I stay up to date and fall back in to it later when I've burnt myself out lol beside it will be useful knowledge in any business!

    Tcjgti, it's funny you should mention engineering as our big passion is classic cars and we have spent many hours slaving over engines, bodywork and suspension. Although I did go into accounts because I found the course interesting. Good luck with your engineering studies, I have been self taught in that area so far, it can get frustrating but if you get to drive/fly what ever it is at the end it's certainly rewarding :)
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    I'm going to drag up an old post here. It's great looking back on your feelings and thoughts from before.

    I went in to business with my other half (now fiancé) on the side and after a couple of years of near bankruptcy, struggling to find money even for food, and slogging like hell all day and most evenings 7 days a week. It's all come out good in the wash and he is now contracting out as a mobile mechanic on classic cars on a wage we'd only dreamed about before.
    The only thing is I'm part time in my job as a Accounts Payable Processor and now he's contracting there isn't really any need for me so I've decided to take the plunge with Cheap Accounting on their franchise scheme and start another business!

    For all you wannabe entrepreneurs, go for it, try and have some money behind you before you jump in but you can do it, you will go to hell first and you might lose it all but it's worth it in the end to do what you enjoy! :)

    villapb, your story sounds familiar now :)
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    Interestingly, it's common for students to have motivation issues near the end of their studies. The light at the end of the tunnel has strange effects on people. Keep at it - it's well worth the effort when you land the perfect job!
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    keep up the good work guys and your the main reason why I am continuing with AAT Level 4, Iv'e got personal tax exam tomorrow.
  • Melody87
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    Oh yay. Thats great, I'm glad I've helped motivate you!
    Good luck in your exam :)
  • hasan
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    Thanks Melody87 exam went al-right different to other practise papers, It's what I expected, I believe I've done enough to pass it though.
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    Any one know how to do trading loss relief aat 1.6 business tax?
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    I too feel in such daunting way, but ive experienced a similar scenario where i did ask my self why didn't you continue you could of at least kill your self for , lol well that what im saying to my self right now and guess what watching all those people qualify makes me think that could be me one day and I can help many others in many forms , ie charity and the least fortunate, so HEAD UP, SHOULDERS BACK CHEST PUFFED AND SOLDIER ON, TEN HUT, or shall i say You can have the recognition, after all that effort is worth just throwing all of that away???!!?!?!? Naaahh
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