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I'm currently studying Level 4 as part of an apprenticeship, I work for 4 days in an accountants and attend college for 1. My employer also pays for my studies. I've looked on job sites to see what salary I should roughly be getting, but none have really helped. I currently earn at least £2000 a year less than all the other people in my college class, who do exactly the same job as me! Could anyone help me with what I should roughly be earning? Any estimates would be greatly appreciated! :001_smile:


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    Hi Alex,

    That's really not bad at all, you're earning a salary and your employer is paying for your studies. Many students
    would love to have that kind of a opportunity, as I know lots of students who are struggling just to find
    voluntary work let alone a salary. As you're on an apprenticeship scheme did your employer provide you with a
    training contract before you started? In the contract it may say once you've finished level 4, you may get a salary
    increase ( if offered permanent position) and a possible opportunity of sponsorship towards a chartered
    qualification :thumbup1:
    With salary prospects, innformation from apprenticeships website, 'From the 1st
    October 2012, the National Minimum Wage (NMW) for apprentices aged 16-18, and those aged over 19 who are
    in the first year of their Apprenticeship, is set at £2.65 per hour. The NMW applies to time working and time spent
    training as this is also part of the Apprenticeship. Anyone not covered by the age categories above will be entitled
    to the NMW appropriate to their age. The Minimum Wage for Apprentices applies to time spent on the job plus time
    spent training.' So I reckon about £4000-£5500 per annum roughly you should be earning, I know it's not a life
    changing amount of money but you're getting the experience of working in an accounts department and your
    studies are being paid for, so atm you're in a really good position :)

    Hope this helps a bit


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    For starters, salary can vary depending on age, nepotism, location, time served with the company, experience in accounting in particular, other experience of the company as a whole, the industry the employer is engaged in and the profitability of the company.

    In the accounts world, there is no single rule of thumb that helps explain the differences in salary "between two people doing the same job" but with different employers as there are just too many variables...
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