Logging Work Exp - AAT verifier?

Pearce161 Registered Posts: 57 ? ? ?
Hi i've just gone on to log my work exp and in the verifier's details it asks for their AAT no. (if known), does this mean they have to be registered with the AAT? or is this just if they are??:001_unsure:


  • GemmaS
    GemmaS Registered Posts: 178 ? ? ?
    Hi, I used my Managing Director as a verifier and he's not a member of the AAT so didn't put number in there. My work experience has been accepted so I think its just in case they are a member :)

  • Pearce161
    Pearce161 Registered Posts: 57 ? ? ?
    yeah its ok it came through for him to verify, altho he was out when i did it and told me to put his ACCA letters in next time! oops!
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