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One of my friends has asked me to recommend her a good bookkeeping book.
Her bookkeeping is quite good and she has a good grasp of double entry and so on, she has done a bookkeeping course but at the beginner level so the basic books like Bookkeeping for Dummies may be too basic.

She is doing bookkeeping for her husbands business and some other bookkeeping for a more complex business. She wants to make sure there are no holes in her knowledge. And I dont have time to teach her everything. Recommended she attends a course but before she does that she said she would like to
check out books.
She doesnt want to become an accountant so is happy with the bookkeeping.

The other business has some complexities in it, she is looking for an advanced bookkeeping book which looks at different business types and models and how you structure the COA for that, which includes vat to eu and non eu as well as UK.

I did all my bookkeeping under AAT and was wondering if any of you knew a good book that is more advanced and covers different setups for different business models.

Thanks in advance


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    Maybe a manual for the system she's going to use will help. I know when I looked at sage it had all about VAT and how to structure a COA?!
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