Getting back into the swing of things.....

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Hi All, just wondered if any of you had any tips on how to get back into the swing of things...

I've passed AAT level 2 and now onto Level 3, I've missed the first 2 lessons, the first due to illness (had a really really nasty stomach ***** that lasted 10 days) then hubby took me on our second honeymoon this week so both unintentional!:001_unsure:

I've been told we are doing costs and revenues first and just had a look at the practice assessment and I just about coped (more like struggled) with wip and inventories last time and it looks like it's that all over again but more detailed *eeeeeeeeeeeekk*!:ohmy:

I really need to get my brain into gear quickly so I can do this as I have another 6 subjects to learn before the school year is out...:001_unsure:

So the question is... how do I get out of "holiday mode" quickly!?!?:huh:


  • Jo Clark
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    Welcome Back :)

    Do you know when your Costs and Revenues exam is? This may give you an incentive to snap out of holiday mode and hit the books.

    You could try drawing up a timetable of free time and then allocating some of it to studying.

    Talk to your tutor about the classes you have missed, it may not be too difficult to catch up, also talk to class mates about what has already been covered.

    Think about the end goal of why you are doing AAT and that may also give you some motivation.

    Don't panic about the assessment and don't look at it too soon before you have studied the module.

    Finally, remember the forum and everyone here are more than happy to help if you need it.

    Good luck.

    JC :o
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  • GemmaS
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    I'm in the same boat as you, trying to get back into the swing of things. I sat AP1&2 at the end of July and since then I have done very little. My next unit is also CRS and just like you I'm struggling to get back into it as didn't really enjoy basic costing at level 2!

    The way to think is that you passed the Costing exam at level 2 and this is just building on it a bit more.

    As Jo said.... Think about when your exam is and aim for being ready for it a few weeks before. (if possible!)

    Make little revision cards which you can carry around with you that have all the formula written on them.

    Post it notes around the house

    I set my phone alarm to flash up at random times with formula or bits of information that I struggle to remember :)

    It sounds as thought we are both in the same boat here.... the best thing to try and bear in mind is that you're not alone with struggling with motivation at times!


  • RobClarke
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    1. Look up the date of the exam.
    2. Book a holiday for day after the exam.
    3. Hit the books.
    4. Pass the exam.
    5. Go on the holiday you booked at step 2 :)
  • AATchick
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    Aww thanks everyone for your replies :-)

    My college say they don't know when the exams are yet (at level 2 I remembered we were told roughly 4 weeks beforehand every time which I assume it's the same this time round) so If I could plan around them I would have loved to do that :-(

    I've asked my tutor and colleagues about anything I've missed and I've just been told that it'll be discussed on my return :-(

    I sucked it up today and did 2 hours of reading the text and doing the tests/exercises of one of the textbooks - got to chapter 3 of 12 of AP1 and it seems OK so far, just building on the trial balance stuff we did at level 2 so I'm a little happier...

    I've started making notes of the formulas and stuff too, just trying to get my head around income statements and balance sheets at the moment, it's all very daunting!

    Anyway thanks for taking the time out to help, I think I just need to stop procrastinating and get on with it! :-)

    Hopefully on Wednesday when I go back I'll be back in the mid-set... I hope...

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