Tax Planning Software for small practice

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anyone recommend any good tax planning software.
I currently work this out manually on a spreadsheet - say salary and dividends etc.

I use BTC at present for Tax filing and VT final Accounts for Accounts Production and MoneySoft for Payroll

I am looking to potentially change this mix but I dont think an integrated solution would offer tax planning tools.

many thanks


  • Newbie
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    I would also be interested to know, I use the same products, FYI I think tax calc have a planning add on but I was not keen on their software,
  • Gillian
    Gillian Registered Posts: 17 Dedicated contributor ? ? ?
    I've asked Iris software who we were thinking of moving to but they dont have anything.

    I have found 2020 Innovations have the sort of thing I am looking for - but I am unable to really findout much about it.
    It doesnt seem too expensive.

    I will keep you posted
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